Due to overwhelming demand we are unable to accept any new orders at this time.

Orders received prior to this notice will be shipped.  You will receive an order confirmation.

We are operating with a “crisis” crew and the Easter order influx has out paced our production capability.  We are reevaluating our inventory and production to move forward and continue shipping chocolate to all our loyal fans!

We will notify you when we are able to accept new orders via our newsletter (scroll to bottom of page to subscribe) or you can check this website for further news.

Sorry for the inconvenience.  We plan to be back ASAP sending our award winning chocolates to each and every one of you.

Sue and Bill


The Chocolate Fetish

Again, as always, we TRULY APPRECIATE your continued business, and hope we can help everyone get through the current times as SWEETLY as possible!

#InThisTogether #We’llGetThroughThis