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Art & Sculptures

Asheville, North Carolina is a city alive with the arts. Painters, sculptors, musicians, and the like flock to Asheville to enjoy and be inspired by the beautiful natural setting and the creative energy that buzzes through the streets.

We at The Chocolate Fetish actively seek out these artists and encourage them to bring their artistic talents to our shop and products.

Whether it’s the hand crafted care that goes into making each delectable morsel as beautiful as it is delicious or the creative talent that designs our one of a kind Smash Cakes, Chocolate Shoes, and Chocolate Sculptures, the arts are alive at The Chocolate Fetish!

This artistic spirit inspires us to test new recipes, pair unlikely and exotic ingredients, and to push the boundaries of chocolate as an art form.

When you visit our store you will see displays containing some of the wilder expressions of chocolate art to come out of our kitchen.

The spotlight shines on centerpieces that are adorned with accents of the natural world.

A variety of chocolate flowers from roses to calla lilies accent our custom designed Smash Cakes. Ribbons of sculpted chocolate whimsically add an air of celebration to chocolate centerpieces.

An array of chocolate shoes including chocolate high heels and chocolate cowboy boots in fresh and stylish patterns wait to delight the senses.

“Is this all made of chocolate?” you wonder. We answer with a resounding YES! Not only are all our chocolate sculptures, centerpieces, and Smash Cakes made entirely out of chocolate, they are made with the same high quality chocolate that we use in many of our other products.

Several of the elaborately decorated sculptures and cakes you see elsewhere use products like modeling chocolate or gumpaste that may be edible but certainly don’t taste good. Here at The Chocolate Fetish, we think if you’re going to make it out of food you have a responsibility to make it taste good.

This dedication to quality and flavor makes sculpting more difficult and demands that we create new techniques. However, we feel the end result is worth it.

You may think our delights are too beautiful to eat but at The Chocolate Fetish, we encourage you to go ahead and enjoy!