Our Story

Discerning chocolate lovers have been enjoying quality, award winning, handmade chocolates from The Chocolate Fetish since 1986. We use only the finest ingredients and all our signature products are made in small batches to assure you receive maximum freshness. We use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. You will experience the full flavor and mouth feel you can only get from premium fresh chocolates.

Sue & Bill

Sue and Bill owned The Chocolate Fetish from 2002 to 2022. Beginning with just one employee, they developed it with their passion for fine food and experience from a lifetime of world travel. Sue contributed her extensive culinary background and Bill his executive marketing experience to grow the business from a small storefront to an Asheville destination and internationally recognized hot spot for fine artisan chocolates. Sue has received extensive culinary training including courses at The French Pastry School in Chicago with Chef Thomas Haas, The Callebaut Chocolate Academy with Chef Julian Rose, Chocolate Manon in Brussels Belgium, as well as courses with renowned author and chocolatier, Elaine Gonzalez.

During their 40 plus years of marriage they have traveled the world in search of the finest chocolates including years spent living in Brussels, Belgium, London, England, and extensive touring of chocolate shops and manufacturers in Europe and the U.S. Bill and Sue continue to be interested in the success of The Chocolate Fetish and downtown Asheville.