Chocolate Rounds™

Menu & Flavor Descriptions

(Please note – Some flavors may not be available due to current production limitations)

Products marked (GF) are considered GLUTEN-FRIENDLY, and although we do our very best to thoroughly clean between products, they are not suitable for people with Celiac.  Please note the allergen notice below:

Allergen Notice: Our chocolates are produced using equipment that processes dairy, soy, wheat, tree nuts and peanuts.

Dark Chocolate Rounds:

SOLID DARK – Pure unadulterated dark chocolate – our premium 55% blend. Definitely dark without being dry, bitter, or waxy. (GF)

DARK ALMOND RASPBERRY – Dark chocolate complimented by tart freeze dried raspberries and freshly roasted almonds. (GF)

CHILI CACAO NIB – Dark chocolate blended with Pasilla and Ancho chilies and finely ground cacao nibs. Rich chocolaty flavor accented with a build up of subtle heat. (GF)

CRANBERRY WALNUT – Dark chocolate topped with dried cranberries and walnuts. (GF)

ESPRESSO – Dark Chocolate blended with finely ground espresso. A great anytime pick me up! (GF)

MARBLED MINT – Dark chocolate with a swirl of mint chocolate marbled on top. Beautiful, but not too beautiful to eat. (GF)

DARK TOFFEE – Dark chocolate laced with chunks of our rich buttery toffee. (GF)

Milk Chocolate Rounds:

SOLID MILK – For those who don’t want to mix their chocolate with anything extra, rich milk chocolate with a creamy flavor and a high cocoa butter content for an exceptional texture. (GF)

MILK ALMOND – Milk chocolate studded with freshly roasted almonds. (GF)

BOURBON PECAN – Milk chocolate sprinkled with Bourbon sugared Georgia pecan pieces. (GF)

CASHMOO – Milk Chocolate topped with toffee-covered cashews. (GF)

MOUNTAIN MIX – Milk chocolate with apricots, honey roasted peanuts, and pretzels. A sweet, salty, and savory treat all in one!

PEANUT BUTTER SWIRL – Delicious milk chocolate swirled with peanut butter chocolate. (GF)

MILK RASPBERRY – Milk chocolate topped with freeze dried raspberries. (GF)

S’MORES – An American chocolate classic. Milk chocolate with marshmallows and graham pieces, accented with strings of semisweet chocolate.

White Chocolate Rounds:

SOLID WHITE – The best quality white chocolate made with a high cocoa butter content. (GF)

COOKIES N’ CREAM – Our pure white chocolate studded with crushed chocolate sandwich cookies.