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5 Reasons Why Chocolate Wedding Favors are Ideal for your Guests

After putting all of the time, effort and money into planning your wedding, it’s time for your friends and family members to enjoy the fruits of your labor as they celebrate this incredible milestone in your life. So after the dessert plates have been cleared, the DJ has wrapped up his final song and your guests begin to gather their belongings, make sure that they have something amazing to take home with them; you know – just a little something to say, “Thanks for sharing our special day with us.”

Why Chocolate Wedding Favors are Ideal for your Guests | The Chocolate Fetish

Delicious artisan chocolates make for the perfect wedding favors. Need a little bit of convincing? Check out these quick points:

Your Guests Will Actually Use Them – Let’s face it; weddings are very expensive. The last thing you want to do is spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on wedding favors that will just end up being left on the reception table or thrown out anyway. Skip the personalized matchbook and salt & pepper shakers and opt for something a bit sweeter that will barely make it out of the banquet hall before being gobbled up.

 Everybody Loves Chocolate – Honestly, when’s the last time you met someone who didn’t like chocolate? From award winning chocolate truffles that will make your knees weak, to caramels and deliciously decadent bars, we offer a wide assortment of handmade artisan chocolates that will call out to just about every taste bud.

Stay on Trend – According to some of the largest wedding-inspiration websites out there, delicious chocolates are still very much on-trend for the 2014-2015 wedding season. If you are the type of bride who takes pride in staying up-to-date on the most raved about wedding details, trust us when we tell you that choosing our artisan chocolates will not be a mistake.Why Chocolate Wedding Favors are Ideal for your Guests | The Chocolate Fetish

Leave a Lasting Impression – If you’re choosing our artisan truffles for your wedding favors, you’ll be glad to know that while they may be small, they will leave a lasting impression. As a small business where everything is made on site, we can give you the individual attention that you require. If you have a personal touch that you are interested in incorporating, just let us know and we will see what we can do to make it happen for you. Keep in mind that we do have the ability to print custom messages on favor boxes!

The Unique Factor – Any bride and groom can bundle together a handful of M&Ms or Jordan Almonds. Our handmade artisan chocolate satisfies everyone’s sweet tooth but manages to take it one step further with the fact that they aren’t something you can just pick up from the bulk section of your local grocery store. Your guests will be stunned over how you took the time to ensure that they have something truly special, unique and absolutely delicious.

So if you do decide that chocolate wedding favors are the right choice for you, we would highly recommend that you choose to order from a company whose business is chocolate and only chocolate – like ours. Here at The Chocolate Fetish, we will ensure that you and your guests are more than satisfied with your favors. Just give us a call today to arrange a personal consultation and taste the difference of premium, fresh, handcrafted chocolates.